Buy high-impact RECs and tax credits that build new clean energy projects.

Buy high-impact RECsBuy low-risk tax credits


New solar, on demand

Buy RECs or tax credits

Commit to buying high-impact RECs for 5+ years or tax credits from a yet-built solar project. Flexible options, sized to your needs and budget. Nothing changes with your utility.

New projects are built in under a year

Once we have enough support, new projects can get needed funding and are built in a year. This is new solar that is only possible with your support – true additionality.

Heal the planet, reap the rewards

New solar delivers clean energy to the grid and accelerates the transition to renewable energy. Tax credits earn you a near-term profit and RECs help you achieve your ESG goals.

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Buy low-risk solar tax credits

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, the investment tax credits on new projects are now transferable which means any company with a tax liability can buy them at a discount and make an easy return on their investment. These returns can lower or even erase the cost of buying high-impact RECs or other programs. works with developers across the country to help them maximize the tax credits on new projects and collect all needed documentation to lower risk of recapture to make them an attractive investment.


Part 1

Buy high-impact RECs

To accelerate the transition to renewable energy, companies buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) via long-term contracts with yet-built projects. As with Virtual PPAs, these long-term contracts can make projects happen that would not have happened otherwise, a concept known as additionality. aggregates demand for high-impact RECs into contracts with minimal risk and a size and length that is accessible to most businesses. We test for additionality and bring greater transparency to the impact of every REC on every project on the planet.


Let’s build some solar!

We’re excited to work together to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Please reach out with any questions and we will find a solution that fits your needs.

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