Scope 2 emissions, begone!

Evergreen makes achieving net-zero Scope 2 emissions impactful and affordable. We custom fit Virtual PPAs to any size and pool them to drive and build new solar.

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Solar, on demand

Sponsor new clean energy

Commit to sponsoring a new solar plant for 5+ years. Flexible options, sized to your needs and budget. Nothing changes with your utility.

Projects built in under a year

With your support, the project can get needed funding and is built in a year. This is new solar that is only possible with your support – true additionality.

Heal the planet, 
reap the rewards

New solar delivers carbon-free energy and accelerates the transition to renewable energy. You receive all credits from the climate impact.

Part 1

Additionality matters

Your sustainability goals create new demand. Your support adds new solar. This is true additionality.

We take demand from companies with sustainability goals and work with developers on projects to meet that demand. Companies then sponsor those projects making them financially viable. The more demand, the more solar we build. And you are able to do this for a fraction of the project cost and no up-front capital.

part 2

A better way to go solar

Evergreen worked with developers and utilities to design a new way to build solar that is more impactful and efficient - maximizing both how fast projects are built and the climate impact of your dollars.

That work resulted in a template to build Urban Solar Fields in and near cities. We can build these at the same cost as the large utility-scale solar plants, but in a fraction of the time.

part 3

PPAs of any size

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements are the gold standard for addressing Scope 2 emissions and ensuring additionality. But they are typically very long (15-20 years) contracts for a lot of energy (25,000+ MWh).

By pooling companies to sponsor a project, each company can sponsor as little as 1,000 MWh for as short as 5 years.

part 4

Two ways to sponsor

There are two ways to sponsor new solar. Both are highly impactful. The Virtual PPA has a variable price based on wholesale energy prices. It usually results in prices that are lower but they can be higher. The REC Purchase Agreement (RPA) has just as much impact in standing up new projects and allows you to lock in a price on high-impact RECs for the duration of your contract.

Let’s build some solar!

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