Let's tackle climate change together.

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Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized world.

We are a team of energy, regulatory, and product experts dedicated to opening up investing in renewables to everyone and accelerate our path to net-zero emissions. We are bringing new capital to the table and funding the creation of new renewable energy and storage projects.

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Earth-first: Everything we do is in service of our planet and our future. Humanity won’t get there unless everyone gets involved and invests in this future.

Additionality matters: Our projects must deliver an emissions reduction over and above business as usual, by either delivering new renewable energy or optimizing existing renewable energy so it can replace fossil fuels. Before taking on any new project, we ask ourselves: “Is this additional?”

Action-oriented: In order to change our course, bold action is required. Our team is aggressively focused on results - working with innovative developers and host sites to make things happen. Direct climate mitigation through action is what our world needs.

Optimistic: Our world is in crisis, but we are not defeated. There is power in numbers, and collectively we can make large strides in turning the tide toward a decarbonized future.

Transparent: We believe that operating in full transparency to our investors will enforce our mission. We are proud of the decisions we make and want our community to feel the same way.

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We are a strong team with experience in energy, carbon markets, technology, and securities.

Cris Eugster
CEO & Co-founder
Michael Leggett
CPO & Co-founder
Ben Dickson
Chief Legal Officer
Bobby McCarty
VP of Operations
Alan Cordova
Head of Renewables

Kenan Hneide
Head of Engineering

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Join the team – we're hiring!

If you have experience in any of the following areas and are interested in joining a company that is making an impact on climate change, please apply or reach out to hello@ever.green.

Head of Renewable Energy - Ideal candidates will have experience in renewable energy project development. Learn more and apply →

Head of Sales, Sustainability & Partnerships - Ideal candidates will have leadership experience in B2B sales at an early-stage company. Experience in Marketing and/or Sustainability is a plus! Learn more and apply →

Head Tax Credits and Capital Markets - Ideal candidates will have experience with renewable energy project financing and/or tax equity. Learn more and apply →

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer - Ideal candidates will have experience with Javascript, AWS, and NodeJS. Past experience at a small startup is a plus, but not required. Learn more and apply →

Ever.green is committed to an equitable recruitment process and we highly encourage people from historically marginalized groups to apply. As a team of six, we are excited to grow the company and we’re focused on building an inclusive and diverse culture.

Let’s build renewables!

We’re excited to work together to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. 
Please reach out with any questions and we will find a solution that fits your needs.

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