Drive profit and impact with clean energy tax credits.

Purchase clean energy tax credits at a discount to reduce your tax burden and earn a financial return – all while getting new clean energy to the grid.


The trusted platform for buying clean energy tax credits

Simplify your project search

Get matched with vetted clean energy projects that meet your tax liability sizing and timing needs; place your bid to buy the tax credits in our all-in-one platform.

Transact with confidence

Manage risk and compliance with hands-on negotiation, deal structuring, and due diligence support, backed by leading advisory, tax, and assurance firms.

Impact with an attractive return

Your purchase of tax credits at a discount reduces your federal tax liability, boosts your earnings. and provides critical funds to new renewable energy projects.

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How does a tax credit transfer work?

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, the tax credits from new clean energy projects are now transferable, which means any company with a tax liability can buy them at a discount through a simple sale transaction and make an attractive return on their investment.

Key aspects of tax credits:

  • Tax credits transferred from developers (sellers) to companies (buyers) via a simple sale agreement

  • Tax credits expected to sell at discount of the total value; will vary depending on a number of factors
Companies can offset as much as 75% of their tax liability and apply credits 3 years back or 20 years forward 

  • provides project sourcing, diligence, transaction structuring, and compliance to reduce recapture risks

Example deal:

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Who can buy tax credits?

Companies of all sizes can now buy tax credits directly from projects and make an attractive return and impact.

What has changed?

  • Before the Inflation Reduction Act, buying tax credits involved complex and risky tax equity structures and excluded nearly all companies.
  • Now that tax credits are transferable, companies of all sizes can buy credits directly through a simple bi-lateral sale contract. No project ownership is required and there is minimal risk.

Who is eligible to invest?

  • Widely held corporations (more than 50% of company is owned by more than 5 people) with a federal tax liability
  • Individuals, family offices, and closely held private companies that have passive income

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Learning today, leading tomorrow

Empower your team with educational training, customized guidance, and tailored recommendations from industry experts on how your company can unleash the benefits of clean energy tax credits. Learning includes:

  • Tax Credits 101 - from how tax credits are used to how risks can be mitigated
  • Deep Dive - review of your tax position and sustainability goals and how tax credits will impact your cash flow, tax position, and sustainability claims
  • Recommendations - get exclusive access to projects that satisfy your tax needs, and tips on how to secure buy-in internally

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Add high-impact RECs

With RECs, you can mitigate your Scope 2 GHG emissions and make strides towards achieving your corporate sustainability goals. Learn more about RECs.

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