High-Impact RECs: 
Applying Additionality for Renewable Energy Advancement

It's undeniable...

The pace of renewable energy development is not nearly fast enough to meet our climate goals. And while many corporate buyers claim 100% renewable energy based on their spot market REC purchases, research shows they do little to move the needle.

Ever.green has developed an alternative way to procure RECs which maintains accessibility but requires projects to demonstrate additionality. This whitepaper details our point of view and methodology – one which we believe is scalable and can have true climate impact.

Key highlights

An in-depth analysis of current REC market dynamics and their shortcomings in supporting new renewable energy developments.

A challenge to the concept of 24x7 CFE being a fix for the spot market, arguing that at the current point in the renewable adoption curve, this model risks increasing complexity for buyers and thereby slowing progress.

Introduction of additionality principles and a methodology for testing for additionality to ensure RECs play a meaningful role in the financial viability of new projects.

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This white paper was reviewed by more than 30 experts across the renewable energy industry, including representatives from Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, The University of Edinburgh, WattTime, and McKinsey.

Disclaimer: The opinions and findings presented in the whitepaper, as well as any errors or inaccuracies, are solely attributable to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of any other individual, organization, or entity. Ever.green assumes full responsibility for the content provided and encourages readers to exercise critical thinking and independent judgment when interpreting the information presented.