Buy RECs that make an impact.

Raise the bar on Renewable Energy Certificates with an emphasis on additionality and emissionality. Mitigate scope 2 emissions and get to 100% renewable energy.


The trusted platform for buying high-impact RECs

Simplify your project search

Get matched with yet-built, vetted clean energy projects that meet your sustainability goals with our all-in-one platform. All projects are screened with our ESG Scorecard.

Follow along as project is built

With your support, a new project can get needed funding and is built in 1-2 years. This is a new clean energy that is only possible with your support.

Heal the planet, tell your story

Use your REC purchase to mitigate your scope 2 emissions and achieve your ESG goals. reports on and continually monitor other key ESG metrics, including emissionality.

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What makes them high-impact?

To accelerate the transition to renewable energy, companies buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) via long-term contracts with yet-built projects. As with Virtual PPAs, these long-term contracts can make projects happen that would not have happened otherwise, a concept known as additionality. aggregates demand for high-impact RECs into contracts with minimal risk and a size and length that is accessible to most businesses. We test for additionality and bring greater transparency to the impact of every REC on every project on the planet.

Most unbundled RECs's high-impact RECs

Barely clears minimum scope 2 standards

In-line with GHG Protocol best practices

No transparency or reporting on environmental or social impacts

Robust reporting via ESG Scorecard and estimated of avoided emissions for each REC

Spot purchases from brokers for existing projects (not shown to help new projects)

5+ year forward contract connected to project (proven to stand up new projects)

Lower price, variable year to year, set by REC brokers in the voluntary market

Higher price, fixed for contract, based on term and what projects need

Does not help make new projects happen

Material impact on standing up new projects


Part 1

More impact for less money?

Add clean energy tax credits to your REC purchase and use your tax savings to help subsidize or entirely erase the cost of RECs. Learn more about tax credits.

Let’s build renewables!

We’re excited to work together to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future. Please reach out with any questions and we will find a solution that fits your needs.

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