Invest directly in clean energy.

Evergreen is accelerating our transition to 100% renewable energy by building large-scale solar plants in and near our cities and a platform for buying clean energy.

Two ways to participate

Fund solar plants

Evergreen is working to build 10MW Solar Plants at the speed of light. Fund the power plant of tomorrow and help accelerate our path to 100% renewable energy. Currently open to institutional investors. Opening to all in 2023.


Buy clean energy

Evergreen is making it easy to buy the clean energy from our Solar Plants via Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs). In addition to the solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), we share proceeds from the sale of energy in the open market.


The impact of buying clean energy


Buy clean energy

Buy clean energy at a fixed price and get paid when the energy is sold in the open market at a higher price. Nothing changes with your utility. Cancel any time.


Enable new solar plants

Your commitment to buy the clean energy at a fixed price enables projects to get the funding they need. New solar accelerates the transition to 100% renewable energy.


Heal the planet, reap the rewards

You receive all environmental credits from the energy's climate impact. If the energy sells above the fixed price you paid, we share the proceeds with you.

The more investors,
the greater the impact. That's our mission.

Who we work with

We partner with innovative developers like Big Sun who are building solar covered parking that becomes a visible fabric of the community, integrates future technologies like EV charging, and reduces heat island effect in cities.

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